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 my walk

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Blaiddwolf Mynyddbrae


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PostSubject: Re: my walk   Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:16 am

Oh eye-water!!!

This is beautiful, you're doing exactly the right things and finding the rewards for listening to those quiet messages all around us.

So happy. So proud.

Much love


Solitary Hedgewitch and Seer of the Old Ways[/center]
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PostSubject: my walk   Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:19 pm

blessings to all as I feel very blessed today. I have been for my walk today and had my eyes really opened. I started my walk in the same way but decided to walk a different way(mistake) I hadn't gone ten feet before to my astonishment I was given a right telling off by a squirrel, ( I know this sounds insane) I was literally stopped in my track by a little furry thing looking really aggressive and shouting at me. I beat a hasty retreat and carried on my normal walk (the usual way) with a big grin on my face and thought no more of it. I meditated and read in my usual spot for about half an hour then without thinking I carried on the usual walk.(sorry this could be a long one)Halfway round I looked up and saw somewhere I hadn't been and it was as if I was being called to go there.I found this grove (ooppss no pun intended) with a huge circle of pine and oak trees it was magickal. Iwas stunned that this beautiful place had been missed by me. I stood for a long time frozen inactive, listening to the sounds and it felt that the trees were actually speaking, maybe not to me , and at first I thought I was imagining it, but I was drawn to one specific Giant Oak and I really felt it was asking for a hug which I did and put my ear against the trunk and listened and I promise you I could hear the heartbeat of the tree and the power I could feel was awesome. (if I posted this on any other site the men in white coats would be after me) I am getting very confused at the amount the Divine Goddess is showing me, so much has been revealed. The only thing that I didn't see was the Fae I think that would have blown my mind. I got home feeling very calm and peaceful and sat down for a drink and thought about the events with the squirrel and a thought came to mind," I was deviating away from my chosen path and was brought back to the true path by a squirrel". On the way home I happened to glance behind me and my dragonfly seemed as if it had been following me. To finish I paid £12.99 for a wand with a tiny amethyst on the tip last week, on my walk today I found two beautiful ash and elm wands waiting to be decorated light love and peace xxx
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my walk
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