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 Thoughts and comments welcome

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts and comments welcome   Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:27 pm


Yes it does help actually. I know after I had climbed into the bubble I waited and kind of "felt" around. I didn't detect anything. And logic kind of told me that it was probably gone and could have possibly been attached to the area where I was at the time (which I now live almost 1000 miles from there). But I did catch myself wondering about if a few times this week and I suppose it what got me to wondering the whole "new" bubble "old" bubble thing.

I like the idea of changing the colors, that never occurred to me before.

Thank you~~
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Raven Willow Rune

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PostSubject: Re: Thoughts and comments welcome   Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:59 pm


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - i've been pondering on this and my ponders have led me to this ....

I do a daily bubble of protection around my home and car and after reading this it got me thinking - do I just 'top up' the existing bubble or do I create a new one... and I create a new one as, depending on my mood, I will change the colour to bring me joy, prosperity, happiness etc ... so, it's constantly evolving.

Now, back to you I truly believe that whatever you felt push past you into the old bubble is now as dissolved as a soap bubble - and you are quite safe to step into your new protection bubble.....

However, if you feel uncomfortable - then can I suggest that you try visualising a pyramid of protection - or charge a crystal or something to take with you into the bubble because the mind is a powerful tool and needs to be appeased sometimes.

I'm not sure if that helps you or not!

love Raven x x x
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PostSubject: Thoughts and comments welcome   Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:18 pm

I did something the other night where I went oh-oh did I screw up?

First I will give you some history. Back around winter/spring of 2010 I started having these crazy dreams where there was a man hurting me in my dreams. And I would always resist in my dream, but when I got to the point where I could not take the pain any more and was ready to let out a scream, I would always wake up. But where ever he hurt me in my dreams I would physically hurt in those places for a day or two afterwards.

I started sleeping very badly because I was just taking cat naps here and there not really wanting to go to sleep. There came a night where I was just so tired I wanted to know I could go to sleep and not be plagued by these dreams. So I decided to use what I will refer to as my "magic bubble of protection". I have no idea where I even got this concept from any more but it is something I have always used for meditations and such things where non-magick was to be preformed. The concept is that I am standing before this giant bubble with a big huge zipper much like the zipper on a tent I guess. I open the zipper and step inside and then zip it closed so that I can do my meditation or whatever.

So I decided to use this concept that night because I just wanted to know that I was going to sleep undisturbed. Now as I saw myself open the zipper and part the sides I put one foot into the bubble to climb in and literally felt SOMETHING physically brush past me into the bubble before me. I stopped, paused for a second or two and stepped back out and closed the zipper. I don't know what I did after that other than stand there and look at it sort of dazzed. I think I must have drifted off to sleep. Anyway the dreams stopped and I have never had them again.

Now here is the part that makes me wonder. Most of my stuff with the exception of clothing has been packed away and put in storage for several years. I finally have it all now but a lot of it is still in boxes. So I haven't done much of anything with "The Craft" for quite a while which is why I decided to joined this forum in the first place. Last week I decided to ask The Goddess for help with a situation and without thinking about it there was my bubble and I climbed into it. As soon as I closed myself inside of it that memory was triggered.

Now I've never given any thought to if this is a brand new bubble every time or if it's the same old one I always use. It's just always there when I want it. But I know as soon as I zipped it closed the other night I thought "Crap, what did I just do?"

It's been 5 or 6 days I think now. Nothing seems amiss. Any thoughts or comments?
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Thoughts and comments welcome
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