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 Looking for a new direction

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PostSubject: Looking for a new direction   Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:53 pm

So I've been away for a bit but have only just returned. Before was caught up and stuck in a rut a lot, not focusing on my well being or lifestyle, which has now calmed down a bit more I completely forgot my old login and it appears that that does not work anymore but that's ok.

I am 27 female from Colchester, UK.  Looking for a new journey, somewhere where I can explore the path until my heart's content and feel accepted within the group as well as dipping my toes more beyond the surface of the sea of knowledge that's out there, actually work with the objects or items at hand and write my own work or type it out/printing out my own work and keeping it all recorded in my neat little notebook.

But yep, I'm totally looking for a new journey, path from which I've been on hoping to broaden and expand my horizons and awareness as well as knowledge. The path that I had been going along was a psychic/spiritualist type role while that's okay in some respects it was not working for my higher good, as in I seemed to keep attracting the not so great types out to harm me more so than help.

So I hope by shifting my focus and generally from negative to positive, that by being here I can start afresh and making sure it is positive intent always, but am not here to hinder others in any way shape or form, I am here to learn and grow and work with a more magickal perspective on the way of life. Maybe that way I can deviate and try to break free of the whole control challenge which I've been finding at the moment in my journey and learn how to go along with the flow, no matter where the new direction may take me, to a new awareness and changes Wink

This time I hope to restart but this time remedy my focus and concentration to channel it positively and put more effort and consistency/energies into it all so that I am not coming/going about it or feeling indecisive either, rather than focus on what I was lacking, to focus and know what I have and build on my weak points to transform them into strengths.

My question is: Would I be able to start over in a positive way with positive intent that sits right for me? Let me know if its ok. Thanks Wink

Peaceful Blessings,
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Looking for a new direction
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