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 How to join the School of Witchcraft

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How to join the School of Witchcraft Empty
PostSubject: How to join the School of Witchcraft   How to join the School of Witchcraft Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2018 8:38 pm

If you would like to enrol in our

Kitchen Witch ONLINE School of Natural Witchery


1. First...You will need to register on the Kitchen Witch forum by clicking the green/gold Register button above and creating a user name and password.

2. Once you have registered...Click the 'Monthly School Subscription' paypal button below:

£13 (approx $17/$18 depending on exchange rate) per month
payable each month via paypal or direct debit until you finish the course or you can cancel at any time with no penalties.

3. Lastly to be able to get you set up please send an email with the following information to kitchenwitchhearth@yahoo.com

User name on this forum:
Contact email address (if it is different from your paypal email)
DOB: If you don't want to give us this, just a confirmation that you are over 18 will be fine.
Your address:

(Please note we do not share, sell or pass on any personal details to any other outside parties).

And finally...

Once all three steps have been completed we can get you started on your journey with us.  Within 48 hours (usually sooner) of your subscription you will receive a welcome email.

How to join the School of Witchcraft Sictag11
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How to join the School of Witchcraft
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